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Reservation System - Medik8 Professional

Medik8 Professional asked me to think about a solution for their training programme. I came up with this full responsive online training reservation/management system.

Now every Medik8 customer can easily find and sign-up for a specific training and Medik8 has no worries about reminding customers.

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Win@work email campaign - STAHRK

Together with STAHRK we developed a 'win@work' campaign for De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar. The challenge was that the current Spotler/MailPlus license had to be used, but this software does not allow you to sent emails to non existing email addresses/users like we wanted.

With a specific piece of php code hosting on our server we were able to connect to the Spotler/MailPlus database and made the magic happen.

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Rest-API Spotler - My Business Media

This client was looking for a way to do a search in the Spotler databases for a ticket system.

By default there is not a convenient way of looking up customers in the database of Spotler so we had to build this facility ourselves. We build a login system for protecting private client data to the public. After a logging in, all events are displayed by year. Choosing the right event shows you a list with registered clients (while typing). This speeds up the process on large events to prevent a waiting queue.

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Wordpress Plugin - Square Circle Media

Is it possible to grab content out of an existing Wordpress page, mail this content to a customer and create an image of it with a watermark? Sure...

For this I wrote a specific plugin generating the desired content and functionality. I also made it possible to auto-generate some wordpress pages (generating a list of all available pages alphabetically).

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